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This is a Usermin module to allow your users to setup a vacation auto-reply. It’s dependant on the Usermin mailbox module’s configuration, but not on any functions therein, so you can allow the use of this module without enabling the mailbox module.

I’m not maintaining this package anymore. I wrote it for a friend’s company, and since he’s left, the new windows guy that took over is going to move the company over to exchange. I don’t ever take a vacation, so I don’t really have a use for it. Jamie Cameron, the creator of Webmin has graciously accepted the task of taking over the management of this package.

A lot of folks have asked for alias table support. Carlton Thomas has created a 0.9a version with alias table support. I haven’t tried it out myself, but it’s available at www.gifford.co.uk/webmin. I have gotten a number of reports that people have had trouble with this version, so YMMV. Sorry, I never had a need for this feature so I don’t personally have the ‘itch to scratch’ to develop it. Perhaps if you ask Jamie nicely, he’ll work it in. He knows it’s a requested feature.

For historical purposes here are links to the last version I released:

Current Version - 0.9

Tarball - usermin_vacation-0.9.tar.gz
Webmin Module - usermin_vacation-0.9.wbm

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