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Some Free Software

Here’s some painfully old code that I’ve written. I mostly keep it here for historical purposes. Most anything new or interesting I’ve done is under electronics

Usermin Vacation Module

This is a Usermin module to allow your users to setup a vacation auto-reply. It’s dependant on the Usermin mailbox module’s configuration, but not on any functions therein, so you can allow the use of this module without enabling the mailbox module.

rinetd Solaris Port

This is a port of rinetd 0.61 to Solaris 2.6. I submitted the patch to Tom Boutell a while ago, but he never responded. Since the app hasn’t been updated since 1999, I’m guessing he’s not doing any more work on it. I figure this could be useful for some folks, so I’m releasing it here.

HTPC Launcher

HTPC Launcher is a little file launcher for use on a Windows-based Home Theatre PC. I developed it because I had pretty much everything I wanted setup for remote control of my PC (using Girder) except for a “Now Playing” style file list like my TiVo has. I couldn’t find anything appropriate, so I went ahead and wrote it myself. It’s pretty cheezy, but it got the job done for me. I’m not using it anymore as XBMC is the best media player ever made.

Current Version - HTPC-Launcher-Install.exe - README