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Firefox 3.6 - Opening New Tabs Where They Should Be

[Oops. Looks like I drafted this back in February and forgot to post it. Here it is now.]

If any of you have upgraded to Firefox 3.6, you may have noticed an annoying change to how new tabs get opened. Instead of opening as the rightmost tab in your tab bar, they get opened just to the right of the page you’re on. If this new feature annoys the hell out of you like it does me you can restore the old behavior like this:

  • Enter ‘about:config’ in your location bar.
  • Accept the warning about possibly breaking stuff
  • Filter for ‘browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent’
  • Double click that entry to set it to ‘false’

Done. Tab open where you’ve come to expect them to open, all the way on the right.