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Nokia E71 Bug Report - Phonebook Match Fail

Dear Nokia:
I filed this report via the ‘email support’ page on your website. Hopefully you’ll fix this. I can, of course, work around it with judicious data entry sanitization, but I shouldn’t have to.

Bug Report: 
Phone book match fails for incoming calls and SMS 
messages if phone book entry contains dashes

Version Info:
Nokia E71-1 (27)

When a phone book phone number entry contains dashes 
(and possibly when it starts with a +), the calling (or texting) 
party name from the phone book is not matched properly. 
It seems that there's a regex failure.

Steps to reproduce:
Enter phone book entry in the form +1-NPA-NXX-NNNN. 
Receive call and text from that number. Observe that the 
entry is not matched properly.

Desired Behavior:
The lookup algorithm should strip out the dashes before 
matching to the phone book entries.

Other Notes:
This worked properly on my E61i. You might want to check 
that code tree to see what changed between releases.